What We Do

Here at iLab Pharmacy we like to challenge the status quo. We see each of our patients as unique individuals who deserve a service and experience tailored to their needs. We provide each patient with their own customizable treatments and therapies. No more “one size fits all” business plans. No more feeling as if you are viewed solely as a source of money. Our associates want to get to know you on a personal level. Your health and wellness becomes our number one priority. You will find no other pharmacy who takes your concerns as personally as iLab Pharmacy.

Unlike any other specialty pharmacy, we specialize in pediatric care. We understand that many diseases and disorders children have require a delicate touch. Our mission is to practice direct patient care and personalize treatments to suit each child’s needs as well as educate them on their condition so that they may have an active role in their own healthcare. This is part of our holistic approach. With conditions such Autism, ADHD, Juvenile RA, Cancer and many others, they require more than medication to aid in the treatment process. We incorporate education, advocacy and promotion of wellness and health not only with our patients but within our communities.

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